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Company Profile

Date of Establishment January 20th, 1978
Chairman Motoyuki Suzuki
Capital JPY 80 million
Annual Sales JPY 16,100 million (YR 2022 actual)
Number of Employees Domestic : 256 , Oversea : 327 (Total 583) (YR 2022 actual)
Head Office FUJIPOLY Bldg., 5-21-1, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 450-0002 Japan
Domestic Network 3 bases >Domestic Network
Domestic Plant 1 base >Domestic Plant
Overseas Network 11 bases >Worldwide Network
Business Contents Production and sales of thermal, electrical, optical, extrusion and one-shot mold products.
Core Products
Thermal Products SARCON Series (Thermal Interface Materials)
Electrical Products Electric Connector Series
Shielding Products and Others

Extrusion Molding Products
Press Molding Products
OptiCrysta (Light Guide Products)

Application Fields Mobile phones, PC, Video game console, Electronic music instruments, Household electrical appliances, etc
Characteristics We, Fujipoly, belong to the Dow Corning Group and are specialized to silicone rubber technologies and development abilities. A worldwide network to serve your needs and our multi-plant system that continues to grow towards is excellence in meeting customers' needs matched with excellence in product performance. Fujipoly's proprietary research and specific treatments are focused on obtaining the highest overall performances for the field of electronic packaging.
Fujipoly is always your possible solution.

Company History

January, 1978 Duties transfer industrial silicone rubber Division of Dow Corning Co., Ltd. by joint investment with Chugai Co., Ltd. and assume a company name Fuji Polymer Industries Co., Ltd. and found the head office in Naka-ku Nagoya for capital JPY 20 million. Established Nagoya factory in Miyoshi, Nishikamo, Aichi and renamed the general product term to "Fujipoly", and started as a secondary processing industrial silicone rubber product maker.
January, 1981 Increased the capital to JPY 40 million.
August, 1982 Established Aichi Plant in Obara (now as Toyota-city), Nishikamo, Aichi, and moved the entire function from Nagoya factory.
January, 1986 Increased the capital to JPY 80 million.
December, 1988 Established FUJIPOLY INC. in NJ, U.S.A. Established FUJIPOLY-APCOM LTD. in HK.
March, 1989 Established FUJIPOLY (THAILAND) CD.,LTD. in Thailand.
December, 1989 FUJIPOLY (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. factory constructed.
November, 1996 Established FUJIPOLY SINGAPORE PTE LTD. in Singapore.
December, 1997 Built research laboratories & office building at Aichi Plant.
February, 1998 Established FUJIPOLY EUROPE LTD. in U.K.
December, 2001 Established FUJIPOLY CHINA LTD. in China.
October, 2002 Acquired 9001 ISO certification by Aichi Plant, Fujipoly America, Fujipoly Thailand, Fujipoly Singapore and Fujipoly China Factory.
October, 2004 Acquired 14001 ISO certification by Fujipoly Thailand.
September, 2005 Established Fuji Polymer Industries Co., Ltd. Taipei Liaison office.
May, 2006 Production site enlarged at Aichi Plant.
June, 2006 Acquired 14001 ISO certification by Fujipoly China Factory.
December, 2006 Renamed to Fujipoly Hong Kong Ltd. from FUJIPOLY-Apcom Ltd.
September, 2009 Established Fujipoly Trading (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. in China.
January, 2011 Established Fujipoly Europe Ltd. Germany Liaison office.
February, 2011 Established Fujipoly Industries Co.,Ltd. Korea Liaison office.
November, 2012 Established Fujipoly America San Jose Liaison office.
January, 2015 Changed address the head office and Nagoya sales office.
December, 2016 Purchased the own stock of FUJI POLYMER INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. from Dow Corning Co., Ltd.
June, 2017 Established Fujipoly Taiwan CO ., Ltd. in Taiwan.
May, 2020 Established Technical center in Nagoya, Aichi
December, 2022 FUJIPOLY building completed (Nagoya, Aichi).
Change address the head office and Nagoya sales office.