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About Fujipoly

Management Philosophy

Company Policy

Create values, promote social action and our employee's satisfaction.

Operating Guideline

  1. "Customer Satisfaction is Primary" with providing new values, safe products, high quality and services continuously.
  2. "Take Responsibility" for growing the company productively and continuously with customer and employees' satisfaction.
  3. "Respecting the Dignity of the Individual"

Company Principle

Do our best for others.

Quality Policy

Through the continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality management system, we provide the products with quality that draws customer' satisfactions.

Quality Objectives

To be the supplier, trusted by our customers in the market of thermal management materials electrical conductive materials and precision moldings.

Environmental Philosophy

We recognize, as an imperative, that global environmental conservation is one of the most important challenges to human beings in the 21st century and we actively fulfill social obligations for achieving global environment conservation and building a sustainable society in which future generations can fulfil their dream.

Environment Policy

  1. Achieve resource savings and reduction of waste and environment related substances through our business activities to maintain and improve the environment.
  2. Meet statutory and regulatory, RoHS and REACH directives and customer requirements to preserve the environment. Define banned substances, such as RoHS 6(Six) substances to prohibit using those substances in manufacturing processes.
  3. Set, implement and, if necessary, review goals and objectives that reflect various conditions of our business activities.
  4. Perform periodic audits and management review to continuously improve the environment management systems in order to improve environment performance.
  5. Document this policy and keep every employee informed of the same.